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The Roots of this Charity

Dustin Nelson is Mentally Ill (Bipolar 1 Disorder). He has Battled his Bipolar Demons since age 21. He has Experienced 1st hand the Obstacles & Difficulties of Mental Illness. He Truly has the Opinion that the Mentally Ill are a Forgotten Section of Society. He has Lost 3 Close Friends to Suicide.

FurtherMore, Dustin has attempted to Commit Suicide Twice in His Life. Globally 800,000 People Die from Suicide Every Year. That’s Twice the Number Compared to Homicide Deaths. Suicide is One of the Leading Causes of Death in Young People.

On Average, there are 130 Suicides Per Day. White Males Accounted for 70% of Suicide Deaths In 2020. On Average, Adjusted for Age, the Annual U.S. Suicide Rate Increased 30% between 2000 & 2020. There are 13.5 Suicides per 100,000 people. 93% of Adults Surveyed in the U.S. Think Suicide Can be Prevented. One Person in 10,000 Dies by Suicide every year.

Dustin is much Healthier now with the Help of Mental Health Organizations. He Love’s Music & Making A Difference For The Less Fortunate. There Are Many Others That Would Benefit From Mental Health Organizations. Don’t Hesitate To Seek Help. YOU ARE NOT ALONE…

*Just Watching The Music Videos On This WebSite Will Generate Donations To Mental Health Organizations & Save Lives. Together We Can Cure Suicide All Over The World. Be Kind…